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  Depression Treatment  

Are You Struggling To Get Through the Day?

Depression Treatment Brooklyn NY Leslie Seligman, LCSWDo you feel depleted and stuck, as if a heavy weight is holding you back? Are your interactions at work and in your personal life marked by dullness, frustration or despair? Do you find it difficult to get out of bed? You may be struggling with feelings of worthlessness, dejection and isolation. Maybe you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by frustration, anger or intense distress for reasons that you can’t understand. Perhaps you can remember a time when you felt much better, when you had energy and enjoyed your time at work and home. Or, maybe you have felt down and depleted most of your life and are accustomed to feeling deprived. Do you wish you could experience more energy, connection and joy?

Hopelessness can lead to thoughts of suicide and a desire to give up. You might know something is wrong because you feel drained of any genuine energy, but you may not know what the problem is. Maybe guilt, resentment, and discouragement are too familiar to you. You may try to shake these awful thoughts and feelings away, but nothing that you try leads to any sustainable relief or results. You may think this is who you are and there is no way out of this depression. However, depression does not define who you are. There is a place beyond the self-denigration and hopelessness. Depression treatment can help.

Depression Is Very Common In Our Culture

If you’re struggling with depression, you are not alone. Depression is a common mental health disorder worldwide and can have a significant impact on many aspects of your life and overall well-being. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, about 6.7 percent of U.S adults experience major depressive disorder every year and 3.3 percent of 13-18 year olds faced debilitating depression. The actual number may be even higher because many depressed people do not seek help or even realize they are depressed. While depression is a useful label and category, it does not define you as an individual.

Depression is not a weakness, although it often causes extreme distress and a sense of lacking, of being at fault or of loss. Some people believe that they don’t have the right personality, relationships, job, ability, intelligence, creativity, skills or body type. The list of self-identified deficiencies can go on forever, even when it is not true.

Like many people who struggle with depression, you may have endured turbulence or trauma at some time in your life. Behind your depression is a genuine source of energy. This force of energy goes against you for reasons that you may yet not understand. Depression smothers the constructive, genuine life force that lives inside of you.

You may be telling yourself, “I just have to be positive. I can be strong and overcome this.“ Or, you may think that you just need more discipline, willpower or self-control. Chances are you have been working hard for a long time to overcome the force that holds you back. As hard as you may try to “break out “of it or pull yourself up with all your might, depression does not go away with will power. Depression has nothing to do with weakness, positive thinking or strength of will or character. It is an illness, and there is nothing wrong with seeking help.

The good news is that there is hope. Regardless of your symptoms or the severity of your depression, depression treatment can get to the core of your difficulties. In therapy, we can work together to find the genuine strength that is dammed up by depression and turn it into a life force that can provide relief. You do not have to live against yourself.

Depression counseling Can Help Harness Your Positive Energies

Depression is treatable, and working with a compassionate, experienced counselor can help. In depression treatment, as you put words to your experience, we can work together to identify, explore and address your core conflicts. We can uncover what is underneath the feelings of deficiency and hopelessness. I listen carefully with an open, curious mind in order to get to know and understand who you are today, what you wish for in the future and what you have experienced in the past. We can work collaboratively to explore your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your relation to your surroundings, people, work, sex life and anything else that is important to you. As you find the courage to tell your story to another person—the dark parts as well as the light—you can begin to feel open and curious about yourself and your world.

I approach therapy with genuine empathy and respect for your individuality. In this warm and judgment-free space, you can find the words you need to express your deeper thoughts and emotions. I have the training and experience necessary to help you shed light on your concerns, realize your wishes and discover the ideas, feelings and behaviors that keep you from living to your full potential. In therapy sessions, lasting change can take place. As you find your language you can find that conflicts loosen up and become lighter. You can experience relief, develop a stronger sense of self and enjoy improved self-esteem so that you can feel joyful and engaged in your life again.

You may feel like depression treatment can help you feel better and function with greater ease, but you may still have questions and concerns…

Isn’t therapy just a way of indulging in my depression?

No. Depression treatment through psychodynamic psychotherapy is a way to get beyond depression. It is a move toward change, growth and relief so you can live the life you want. Therapy can help you feel better. Talking to another person and feeling heard, seen and understood in new ways actually changes the neural pathways in your brain. The pathways supporting depression become weaker and new paths form as you move past old ways of thinking and feeling.

I’ve heard that depression treatment involves talking through my problems, but I just want advice.

Depression Treatment Brooklyn NY Leslie Seligman, LCSWWhat therapy can offer is much more valuable and longer lasting than advice or direction. In a safe and non-judgmental environment, I aim to help you talk about your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Together, we can discover the obstacles that impact your actions, feelings and thoughts. Your relationship with yourself and others can improve. Insights gained in therapy can provide you with the freedom of mind to make your own decisions and move forward. If you’re confused or insecure about your own mind, I can help. I’ll meet you where you are and we can build from there, creating a strong inner foundation of self. And, you can take that foundation with you anywhere you go. The freedom will belong to you. Therapy can provide an opportunity for a better life.

Doesn’t therapy make people dependent?

On the contrary, depression counseling is a pathway to independence. Research shows that people in psychodynamic psychotherapy retain the changes that have taken place and continue to grow even after therapy is finished. The changes that occur while you’re in therapy are integrated through your body, mind and essence. Transforming your defeating and self-denigrating patterns of thought and feeling can change your life.

With Depression counseling, You Can Live the Life You Want

If you are struggling with depression and want to find deeper richness and joy in life, or if you have questions about depression treatment, please don’t hesitate. For a free phone consultation, please call 718.490.6751