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Anxiety Treatment

Do You Feel Stressed, On-Edge and Stuck Imagining the Worst-Case Scenario?

Anxiety treatment Brooklyn NY Are you often struggling to focus on the task at hand because your mind is one step ahead of you? Do you often feel a knot in the pit of your stomach? Perhaps it never seems as though you can rest. You may feel frustrated and lonely in efforts to develop closer, enduring relationships. You might be aware of discomfort in your body, including a rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, dizziness and nausea more frequently than not. Do you find yourself avoiding social situations for fear of being scrutinized or judged by others? Do you wish you could feel calmer, connected and able to focus on the present moment?

Excessive worry can deplete you. Maybe you wake up before your alarm goes off, ready to start your day, feeling tired and worn out, even though you tried to get a full night’s sleep. Throughout your day, worry may float in the back of your head. It might feel like the worry is looking for something to land on, as if it wants to grab on and attach itself to your mind. You may have the aching feeling that something bad is going to happen, or that you will do something wrong, even though you usually complete your tasks well. If your anxiety accelerates, you may begin to dread what comes next in your day. Maybe you avoid tasks and put off what you can, thinking that will help you feel calmer. You might feel exhausted and tired of feeling as though you are running all the time.

Anxiety Is a Common, Treatable Illness

Many people struggle with anxiety, a complex state of mind that is similar to fear but not exactly the same. Fear is a response to danger coming from the environment. For example, if you’re walking on the edge of a mountaintop and you look down and see no bottom, you feel fear because there is a possibility of danger. Anxiety, on the other hand, is a response to a danger signal stemming from within you. The threat is vague, and there is no danger in your immediate environment. Yet, physiologically, your body and mind respond in a fear state, with symptoms that can feel distressing, such as a rapid heartbeat, chest thumping and blood rushing through your veins. You may feel an urge to run or freeze in place without knowing why. Your thoughts may feel blocked or stuck, or they may be racing faster than your mind can follow.

When anxiety is chronic, excessive and automatic, it often does not make sense or seem to match the situation at hand. Chronic anxiety is debilitating and can affect your daily life in unpleasant ways. You can’t run from anxiety. The good news is, however, that anxiety treatment is highly effective, and due to the high incidence of anxiety disorders nationally, there is abundant research that can help you find relief. According to The National Alliance for Mental Illness, 18.1percent of American adults experienced an anxiety disorder in 2015. I believe the numbers to be higher because, sadly, many people do not know the effectiveness of anxiety treatment. Anxiety is a great inhibitor that can stop you in your tracks, block your creativity and hinder your ability to experience enjoyment in relationships, work and play. Anxiety treatment can help you to open the spaces in your mind and feel less inhibited so that you can experience a more connected and fuller life.

There Is Hope. Anxiety Treatment Can Help

For 10 years, I have been helping people who struggle with anxiety. I know what it’s like to feel worried or scared and not really understand what’s going on. What you might not know is that anxiety has meaning. Your anxiety developed due to reasons that may seem hidden or mysterious now, leading to confusion and frustration. In anxiety treatment, as you and I engage in a therapeutic relationship, the meaning of your anxiety can begin to unfold.

In sessions, I will help you talk about yourself in ways that do not follow the limitations of social rules and norms. As you find words to express your experience of yourself and your relationships, dreams, wishes and desires (present and past), the meanings of your anxiety can begin to crystalize. Many people struggle to express themselves on their own because they have been socialized to inhibit what are believed to be negative thoughts and feelings. In anxiety treatment, I will help you to reflect on your anxiety – to get to know the meanings it has for you.

As we work together, I will meet you where you are by getting a sense of where you are coming from. I listen carefully and help you speak about what has been unspeakable in the past. As we get to know the roots of your anxiety and you begin to express yourself in the therapeutic relationship, you can begin to feel relief. I will help you to find your own desires, wishes and what is getting in your way or causing your anxiety.

You will have the opportunity to know – through and through, not just intellectually – the sources of your anxious mind, inhibitions and fears. I can offer you my perceptions and observations. How you use my perceptions and observations is up to you. You know more about yourself than you may think you do. I believe everyone has the ability to reflect on themselves. I believe everyone has a right and with help, the ability to have relief. As you talk about yourself, I will listen carefully for patterns, connections and repetitions so I can make helpful links and offer you support as you begin to express yourself without fear of judgment. As we find a better understanding of the sources, triggers and origins of your anxious feelings, you can start to experience a calmer sense of self. The road to your calmer self can be a bumpy one, but lasting relief is possible.

You may believe that anxiety treatment can help you find calm and connection, but still have questions or concerns…

Therapy is too expensive.

It is true that anxiety treatment can be costly. It’s an investment in thought, time and money – an investment that can improve the quality of your self-worth, relationships, work life and sense of fulfillment. If you are tired of feeling worried and on-edge, you need help connecting to the place inside you that can process your thoughts and feelings that are being blocked by fear. The expense is worth it, and the results are healthier body and mind. As you identify the thoughts that are holding you back, you can begin to rediscover and achieve your potential.

I’m smart and capable; I can help myself.

Anxiety treatment Brooklyn NY

I have no doubts about how smart and capable you are, and I’m sure you can do many things on your own. I also know anxiety has nothing to do with smarts, resourcefulness or abilities. If anxiety is prevalent in your life, it has some buried meaning that you may need help to uncover. When thoughts and feelings are blocked, everyone needs help unfolding the meaning of the blocks. Reading a book or researching on the Internet will only give you generic facts. Talking to a well-trained psychotherapist can help you work through what is holding you back.

I’ve been to therapy before and still feel anxious. Why will anxiety treatment with you be different?

No two people experience anxiety the same way, but one common experience in those struggling with anxiety is the disconnection of body and mind. I am interested in getting to know who you are, including your suffering – good parts and bad parts. I am not interested in calming you down or changing who you are or how you think. I’m interested in helping you reconnect your mind and body as you get to know the meaning of your particular anxiety. I will help you find your center the space that is at your core, not mine. Then you can feel in charge of your life and live.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Live Life to Its Fullest Potential

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